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An update for BDO, a trailer for Dragon Raja, and anniversary gifts for DCUO

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CVII: Guardians, More Dragons, and Character Advancements

It’s a brand new year and a new decade to boot! For this issue of MMOCO, we’ll be looking at a new class for Black Desert Online, the cinematic trailer for mobile MMO Dragon Raja, and anniversary gifts for DC Universe Online. Let’s get started....

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Beyond Co-Op - May 27th through June 2nd, 2012

Welcome to another installment of Beyond Co-Op, where we look "beyond co-op" and bring you some of the gaming news that doesn't necessarily revolve around cooperative play. This week, we have an assortment of topics and quotes that revolve around the event of E3 (not necessarily this one) and of the gaming industry’s predicted future.

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