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Upgraded port to boot

Spelunky HD Coming to PC, PS3, and Vita Over Summer

I am sure more than a few of you have thrown your controller in frustration. Spelunky is one of those games that might cause you to do so, but that doesn't stop it from being an excellent rougelike/platformer. Many of us had always hoped that the game would reach other platforms, particularly the handheld ones. Well, it seems that our hopes are coming true, as Spelunky HD will be coming to PC, PS3, and Vita. It is an upgraded version of the game, and will feature extra music, visuals, and multiplayer options.

by Christopher Metz 1
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Death is only the beginning...

Mossmouth Announces Spelunky's Arrival on PS3 and PS Vita

It's obvious that most video games aren’t quite as challenging these days, even at their highest difficulty setting. Certain games that make players throw their controllers out the window surely stand out from the rest, and that’s why Spelunky is such a highly addictive game. PlayStation fans will be happy to know that their versions of Spelunky will be arriving on the PlayStation Network this summer.

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Live your dream of spelunking as an eskimo

Spelunky Sneaks Two New DLC Packs onto XBLA

So, Spelunky right? The roguelike platformer by Derek Yu was first released back in 2008, but the enhanced 2012 version for XBLA is the one that really put the game on the map. While everyone was all PlayStation 4 this and Sony that, two DLC packs were quietly released for Spelunky. The Explorers pack adds eight new playable characters, including an eskimo, robot, viking, cyclops, and ninja. The Arenas pack introduces 24 new deathmatch maps, which we don't need to remind you how awesome that is for multiplayer.

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