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Oh, the burning!

Our Weekend In Gaming: Everything's On Fire!

The Co-Opticrew seems to have gotten a tiny case of pyromania this weekend.  Nearly everything we're playing revolves around fire, from emblems to ashes to rings (of the "rule them all" variety).  I highly doubt we'll be doing much with actual, physical fire, but you never know.  If you hear any fire alarms going off in the next few days... maybe check back here and make sure we're okay.

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*clears weekend calendar*

Free Content Arrives Today for Remnant: From the Ashes

The first and second free content updates for Gunfire Games' Remnant: From the Ashes arrive today to give you more reasons (wait, you needed more?) to check out this excellent third-person action RPG. In addition to a new Earth dungeon that will randomly be shuffled into the mix each time you start/re-roll a campaign, you can check out all there is to offer in the different worlds of Remnant without having to start a new campaign thanks to the new Adventure Mode.

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