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Get a hold of your LAN

D-Link DGL-5500 Gaming Router Makes Gaming Top Priority

Any gamer worth a damn these days cares about their connection to the internet. It's the lifeblood to information and in the case of co-op gamers, it's how we play with friends. Our home networks have gotten increasingly complicated and crowded thanks to the addition of smartphones, tablets, and the abundance of other devices that have decided they need to talk to the rest of the world. This all happens through a tiny little cable that goes into your house, but after it gets inside it needs to go to the brains of the operation, your router. Today we're looking at the D-Link DGL-5500, a router from a long line of "gaming routers" from D-Link.

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Civilization World Focuses on Co-Op, Civilization V Adds Hot-Seat Multiplayer

I fear the day Civilization World launches on Facebook.  As if the Civ games aren't already enough of a time sink, now Firaxis and Sid Meier plan to make it accessible just about anywhere and everywhere.  In an interview with CNN, "The Sid" as I like to call him, discusses the upcoming Facebook title which plans to launch this summer on the social networking service.  What's on tap for fans of the series?  How about cooperative gameplay.

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