Civilization V

  • Online Co-Op: 3 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 3 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Civilization World Focuses on Co-Op, Civilization V Adds Hot-Seat Multiplayer
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Civilization World Focuses on Co-Op, Civilization V Adds Hot-Seat Multiplayer

I fear the day Civilization World launches on Facebook.  As if the Civ games aren't already enough of a time sink, now Firaxis and Sid Meier plan to make it accessible just about anywhere and everywhere.  In an interview with CNN, "The Sid" as I like to call him, discusses the upcoming Facebook title which plans to launch this summer on the social networking service.  What's on tap for fans of the series?  How about cooperative gameplay.

"What was really intriguing to us was being able to emphasize cooperative game play, which was something that really hadn't been a major part of 'Civilization' up to now.  A lot of our design in 'Civ World' was taking advantage and using these opportunities for players to work together -- teamwork, communication, planning. Those are all the things that become really important to 'Civ World.'"

Other details revealed about Civilization World are that the game will have a definitive end, much like the other games in the series.  That means they won't be going the Farmville route of a never ending scenario.  Meier also promised the game would feature Science, Economy, Military and Culture - all pillars of the series.  

As we wait for the game to launch on Facebook we can still be occupied with Civilization V - the latest in the series.  Word comes from the official forums that the game is getting a big update soon, and while there are a lot of tweaks and fixes to the title the biggest addition is hot seat multiplayer.  This means friends and family can play a singular game on the same PC simply by "getting out of the chair" and switching turns.  Basically its couch co-op, but turn based.

As someone who spent many a hour playing hot seat co-op all the way back to Civ 2 - this is a welcomed addition.  Of course at that time we were creative and merely shared a civilization and brought it to glory.  You think your Civilization V games last long now?  Better stock up on beverages and hunker down for a few marathon sessions with your friends.