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by Nick Puleo 17
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Developers Struggle to find the Demand that Once Was

On the Download Issue 36: The Decline of XBLA

Over the years Xbox Live Arcade has gone through an evolution. While it started as remakes, re-releases, and every so often an original title it’s now evolved into something different. It’s now a service filled with games that aren’t quite big enough for a full retail product. It it feels like XBLA has lost its identity.

by Marc Allie 1
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Classic co-op is a click, press, or swipe away

On the Download Issue 35: Cool to be Old School

It's time for another issue of On the Download, our monthly feature about downloadable games and content. This is my first time covering this column, and I was a bit perplexed as to what to discuss. I'm not exactly a hardcore PC gamer, but Andrew already covered that perspective a few issues ago. Do I dabble in the occasional indie bundle? Sure, but that's more Jason's domain. So what's a poor Co-Optimus editor to do in this situation?

by Katrina Pawlowski 3

On the Download Issue 24: Digital Love

To contrast the last rage-filled edition of On the Download, we’re going to take a look at all of the great things that digital content offers us. From great sales to prolonging a games experience beyond the retail version, all things that are worth loving about digital content.

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