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This is the one

ROCCAT Syn Pro Air Headset Impressions

In my infinite quest to find the perfect PC gaming headset, I've gotten pretty close to perfection, but always came up short. ROCCAT's latest entry into the mix, the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air, seems a worthy contender on the surface. Our latest look dives below the back of the box to see if this is the headset to use in your da...

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Modern gaming

ROCCAT Burst Pro and Sense AIMO XXL Gaming Surface Impressions

Following up on our review of the ROCCAT Vulkan TKL Pro comes the other piece of recent gaming hardware, the Burst Pro gaming mouse. The weight of a gaming mouse has always been one of the most controversial features, while in the past gamers tended towards heavier more stable mice, the new trend is as light as possible. To that end we've seen ...

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Treat your booty like a champion

E-Win Champion Series Gaming Desk Chair Impressions

One of the most important components of your gaming PC setup, is your desk chair. Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time is bad for your health, but a good gaming chair, like a Champion Series gaming chair from E-Win, can help limit the effects of marathon sessions at your desk. After about a month of kicking back in one of these chairs for both work and play, I can definitely say that my body notices the difference.

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