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Online co-op sputters and dies, if it ever really lived in the first place.

Nintendo to Pull Wii and DS Online Services in May

Get in your last few rounds of online Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart DS, because on May 20, Nintendo is handing its Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service a pair of cement shoes. This means matchmaking, leaderboards and online play for over 400 Wii and DS games will cease to exist, forcing players around the world to sit with people in person to play last-gen multiplayer games.

by Nick Puleo 6
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Phantasy Star 0 Co-Op Review

The Phantasy Star Online franchise is almost ten years old, but Sega keeps pumping out games in the series. The latest is a portable version for the Nintendo DS called Phantasy Star 0. With plenty of co-op options and unique methods of communication we put the latest to the test in our latest review

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