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Isn't Halloween known for its treats?

PlayStation Store's 'Sale of the Dead' Event Currently Underway

With only a week to go until Halloween time, now is the perfect time to dive into some scary games that go with the holiday very nicely. Starting tomorrow, the PlayStation Store is holding its “Sale of the Dead” event, providing tons of sweet discounts on both single player AND co-op games alike! PlayStation Plus members will be able to grab as much as 80% discounts on some of these games, so it’s most definitely worth looking into.

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More slashes than a budget horror film

Resident Evil Franchise Discounted on Playstation Store

"Spring Fever" continues this week on the US Playstation Store. The focus of this week's discounts is the Resident Evil franchise. Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita owners can enjoy great discounts on the entire catalog of Resident Evil titles this week. Both Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition feature some very fine cooperative gameplay, and if you do not own them already, are definitely both worthy of looking into. The Playstation Plus discount yields a significant discount on the already lower priced sale items. For a complete list of the Resident Evil games on sale this week, take a look below:

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Red Faction: Armageddon among games on sale

Playstation Store: Sales Armageddon

The day that retail games can be downloaded on consoles for cheaper than being bought in the shops is when the mass market will begin to truly shift towards a digital download only model.  We are not there yet, but if Sony can keep producing sales like the one that has just hit the PlayStation Store, the future may be sooner than you think.  Among the multitude of games on offer is the 4 player co-op Red Faction: Armageddon for $9.15 and non co-op titles such as Batman: Arkham City for $14.45 and Darksiders 2 for $14.95.

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