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Quad Force Co-Op Impressions

We've always had a love for independent co-op games at Co-Optimus. Whether a one man job or a small development house, these games usually have a lot of heart and soul to them. This week we checked out the Xbox Live Indie Game Quad Force; a 4 player local co-op top-down shooter using a few unique elements. The goal of the game is to survive a series of waves on a different maps with your buddies. Here are a few impressions based on our experience.

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On The Download Issue 8: On The Cheap 'N Indie

This week we wanted to honor some phenomenal Indie games that cost a mere dollar on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and a few honorable mentions of Co-op Indie games that were very enjoyable. Everything in this episode is on the cheap, so if you've got 80(POINTS) or so lying around, you should check these out.

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