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by Marc Allie 2
Gnomes on a submarine, what could go wrong?

Tabletop Co-Op: Red November

This month, we're taking a bit of a different spin for Tabletop Co-Op. Typically, I don't think of this series of articles as reviews. There is no scoring system of any kind, and generally speaking, I try to concentrate on the mechanics, theme, and cooperative nature of the mechanics without too much critique one way or the other. But for Red November, I can't help but look at it from a more critical angle. I wanted to like this game, but I didn't. Why?

by Sam Tyler 3
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Fantasy Flight Games have partnered with Fierce Wombat Games to bring co-op board game Red November to iOS, PC and Mac

The Hunt is on for Red November Coming to iOS, Mac and Steam

The problem with working on a submarine is that there is not much head room; plus there are sea monsters, nuclear meltdowns and crippling leaks. The solution to these issues was discovered by Fantasy Flight Games some time ago in their table top co-op game Red November - Gnomes. Fierce Wombat Games has partnered with Fantasy Flight to bring Red November to iOS, PC and Mac.

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