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Crackdown 2 to Open to Scottish Public, Festival Goers

It seems that Ruffian Games will be showing off Crackdown 2, the sequel to the "still fun after all these years" Crackdown, to the general public next weekend at the NEoN Digital Arts Festival.  This is the first time the game will be shown and demoed outside of a major trade show event like E3 or TGS.  The catch?  The event is in Dundee, Scotland.  So unless you live in the area, have already acquired plane/event tickets, or are really good friends with Nightcrawler, you likely won't be amongst those lucky few that will get to check out this promising co-op title in person for the first time.  Fortunately, any new details that are shown will undoubtedly be disseminated across the Internet in less time than you can say "I wonder if the sequel will come with a Halo: Reach beta," and you can be sure we'll be posting all the latest and greatest co-op related news just as soon as it does.

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Your Flocking Friday Video - The Level Editor

As we herd our way closer to Flock's early April release date, more and more info about the puzzle game is unveiled.   The latest video shows off the game's built in level editor, which allows users to not only create levels but share them as well.

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Slaugh...err...Herd Animals with a Friend in Flock

One of the games that sort of went under the radar at E3 was a little title from Capcom called Flock.  The games developers have a resume that include such titles as Lemmings and Crackdown, and in a sort of twisted way share some characteristics of both games.  The basic gameplay is much like a Lemmings game, use your UFO to guide sheep, pigs, and cows through a maze like obstacial course to the Mother Flocker (that's your big herding ship).  Flock promises to have plenty of physics based puzzles as well as a 2-player co-op mode.

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