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The PSN title Sideway: New York is now available on PC via Steam

Sideway: New York Scuttles Onto PC

Sideway: New York hit the Playstation Network last month with a decent 3 out of 5 overall score, but a disappointing 2 out of 5 for the co-op. It appears that one of the best tactics for co-op success was for the better player to just keep moving forwards; player two was forced along anyway! If the thought of dragging your co-op partner around appeals to you as a PC player, then here is the good news. Sideway: New York is now available via Steam.

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Jet Grind...Mario? No, that's not right...

Sideway: New York Co-Op Review

I hadn't heard of Sideway: New York until very recently. It's one of those stealth titles that sneaks in with a fairly low profile, but when I read up on the premise, I got excited. A crazy platformer where you're always stuck to the surface of the platform? Nice! A graffiti theme? Double nice! I loved Jet Grind Radio! How does it actually hold up? Let's find out.

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New Trailer for Sideway: New York Brings Graffiti to Life

Have you heard of Sideway: New York?  You haven't?  That's a shame.  Well, now's your chance to check out a trailer for this graffiti platformer.  To be honest, I saw still images of the game, and they did nothing for me.  Then I saw it in action, and I instantly regretted not queuing up for a chance at a review code.  Don't take my word for it, check out the video.  It's a cool mix of 2D platforming in 3D environments.  You'll see what I mean.

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