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Consoles are Dead. Long live the game.

The (De)Evolution of Video Games

It all started with an article from TechCrunch called “The Console Market is in Crisis.” The quick of it is this - comparing this generation of consoles to last in terms of raw sales numbers shows a steep decline in total sales when looking at the North American market. All console sales combined were down almost 60% with the market shr...

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Will people line up to buy these?

Valve Reveals Hardware Partners for Steam Machines Sans a Marketing Plan

Valve have announced 13 hardware partners for creating and selling Steam Machines, the computers that will power Steam OS. Steam OS is an open source operating system based on the Linux Debian Kernel that will run a version of Steam designed for living room computers. It'll have a custom controller design to make gaming easier without a mouse and keyboard. You won't necessarily have to buy a Steam Machine to see it in action; when Steam OS launches later this year, you'll be able to build your own computer. 

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