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Sega Genesis Classics Pack 4 = Cheap Co-Op Fun

Is there anything better than classic co-op gaming from the awesome consoles of yesteryear?  How about CHEAP classic co-op gaming from the awesome consoles of yesteryear ON YOUR PC?  A new collection of Genesis gems (no, not Columns) is now available through digital download services.  It's a tremendous bargain, featuring 10 games for the quite low price of $7.50 (on Steam).  Included in the set of games are co-op greats Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage and its sequel, and a title I am less familiar with, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

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ToeJam & Earl - Not on DS, Maybe Not On XBLA Either

We've got a bit of bad news for fans of classic co-op.  Remember the Genesis poll from a few months ago?  ToeJam and Earl won that poll, and Sega promised that the alien duo would be headed to Xbox Live Arcade soon.  It turns out that's not the case, according to the couple's creator, Greg Johnson.  Apparently Sega forgot that they don't have publishing rights to ToeJam & Earl.  Awkward, huh?  The two uber-cool aliens won't be making an apearance in upcoming title Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing either.

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