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Let there be (torch)light on this game.

Torchlight 2 Now Available for Pre-Order, 4 for the Price of 3

Torchlight 2 is now up on Steam available for Pre-Order, simply listed with a "Summer" release.  The game is listed at $19.99, but there's a few ways you can get more value for your money.  First, simply pre-ordering the game will net you a copy of the original Torchlight.  Seconds, you can snag a four pack of the game for $60, which is basically giving you a free copy of Torchlight 2!

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We bring in 2012 with a bang.

The Co-Op Games of 2012 Preview

2012 looks to be another great year for co-op gamers, at least initially. While in the past we always seemed to build slowly to a series of Fall releases, this year looks to reverse the trend with an action packed middle of the year. Are the summer doldrums a thing of the past? Locke and Nick take you on a magic carpet ride through 2012 in both written and video form.

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