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The vertical scrolling aRPG is set to make its console debut

Vertical Drop Heroes HD Comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

If there's one thing I love to see, it's PC indie game getting the chance to find a whole new audience on consoles. Next week (and just in time for Valentine's Day, all you co-op lovers out there) Nerdook's Vertical Drop Heroes HD will make its way onto the PlayStation 4 (and Vita), and onto the Xbox One a few days later.

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It's time to drop some fools

Vertical Drop Heroes HD Co-Op Review

I remember back in college when Flash-based games were the big thing to kill time in between classes. Many of those turned into now well-known genres, like tower defense, while others became entire games in their own right. Nerdook Productions Vertical Drop Heroes HD falls into the latter category as it jumps from the browser to the desktop....

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