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More American than apple pie

Saints Row IV Preview - My Time as Gangster in Chief

Doomsday has arrived. The terrorists have their hands on a nuclear device. As America’s only hope, you are thrust into a secret compound tasked with stopping the nuke from destroying the land you love. As you weave your way through the compound, eliminating terrorists in your cybernetic suit, you have a showdown with the boss of the operation. As you throw him into a pit of lava, you realize that it’s too late. The nuke has been launched. In your most noble sacrifice, you jump on the flying nuke, disabling it as you scale to the top. Your companions tell you how much you mean to them in your final moments. Oh yea, and Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is playing in the background. Tell me, how much more Murican does this get?

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Freedom is the only way, yeah!

Saints Row 4 Pre-Order Bonuses Go Uber Patriotic for USA

Everyone knows by now that Saints Row: The Third totally changed the atmosphere of the franchise on so many levels, and it’s continuing this trend into the next game of Saints Row 4. For those of you that pre-order the game and grab the special “Commander in Chief Edition”, you will be getting some extra outrageous, but totally patriotic DLC items to continue the ridiculousness.

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