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NHL 17 Review

Every year I debate whether or not to pick up the latest NHL game, usually holding off until the day of release and finally giving into the urge. It’s not that I don’t like video game hockey, in fact, I absolutely adore it. But it’s a tough pill to swallow a $60 price tag year over year. EA tends to throw in buzz words for new features that were added back after being removed a year prior; and as a consumer that irks me. But NHL 17 might be the first NHL game in some time that brings quite a lot that actually is new and not just a rehash of an old feature that was cut.

by bapenguin

Will We Ever Get a Rainbow Six Vegas Sequel?

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was released over 8 years ago, and many consider it one of the finest examples of tactical co-op action. Some consider the game the best online casino game, or rather, a game set in a casino. But the recent release of Rainbow Six Siege has fueled the fire for another, proper, Rainbow Six title. And while it may have scratched that cooperative itch with its terrorist hunt mode, lacking a proper story made it a lower barrier to entry.

by bapenguin

Plarium's Versatile MMO Games Catalogue

There are very few gaming company that hold so many good games in their browser catalogue. Most of the time we concentrate on one specific game to review but this time we are going to take a look at the free online games that Plarium Online Games browser catalogue offer to millions of gamers every day.

by bapenguin

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Review and Impressions

Like Tiger Woods golf game in real life, his status with EA Sports has also fallen. The 2015 version of PGA Tour is the first to not feature the famous golfer, instead opting to go with the other half of the 2014 cover in Rory McIlroy. The game is the first "next-gen" golf game from EA, built on the Frost Bite engine which powers the Battlefield franchise. What this means is you have more detailed courses and golfers. What it means to EA Sports is you have an opportunity to have a little fun.

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