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Will couch co-op ever return properly

One of the greatest gaming memories for plenty of avid gamers is playing co-operatively with friends on the same console, with couch co-op being one of the biggest lures of gaming during the first few years of the millennium.

by bapenguin

Playing Games with Friends: From Retro Board Games to the Online Casino

For hundreds of years, friends have gathered to play games together, with many enjoying the added edge of competitiveness this adds to the game. From your traditional board games to the growth of Internet gaming, playing with friends isn’t a dying tradition – it’s an ever-evolving one.

by bapenguin

Is it Time to Find the Best Gaming VPN?

The rise of E-Sports has taken a lot of folks by surprise, in just a short amount of time the concept of watching someone play a video game - let alone watching someone play a video game for money - has gone from a pipe dream to the norm. Streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer see millions of hours of engagement a day, and with the top five countries earning over 200 million dollars in E-Sports winnings; everyone wants to be the next rising star.

by bapenguin

NHL 17 Review

Every year I debate whether or not to pick up the latest NHL game, usually holding off until the day of release and finally giving into the urge. It’s not that I don’t like video game hockey, in fact, I absolutely adore it. But it’s a tough pill to swallow a $60 price tag year over year. EA tends to throw in buzz words for new features that were added back after being removed a year prior; and as a consumer that irks me. But NHL 17 might be the first NHL game in some time that brings quite a lot that actually is new and not just a rehash of an old feature that was cut.

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