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Fable 2 DLC, Resident Evil 5 US Demo Both Delayed
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Fable 2 DLC, Resident Evil 5 US Demo Both Delayed

A couple items of a "bad news" nature have come to light today.

First, the DLC for Fable 2 has been delayed due to "unexpected technical difficulties".  The Knothole Island expansion was originally scheduled for December 22, just in time for those holiday gaming sessions.  The DLC will now be made available until late January 2009.  You'll have to hang on to your 800 MS points until then, co-op fans.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to play the Resident Evil 5 demo soon, either.  (At least, without resorting to some trickery, as we reported here.)  The demo hit Japan last week, and yet those gamers in the States are still left in the cold.  No hard release date was given, beyond a wide open "early 2009".  Considering the game's release date is March 13, we're hoping early means January 1, in this case. 

Ah well, at least we'll have both of these carrots dangling before us during the January doldrums, eh?

Source: Multiplayerblog.mtv.com

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