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New Bugs Have Been Introduced in SimCity's Update 2.0
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New Bugs Have Been Introduced in SimCity's Update 2.0

Problems involving traffic, sewage, etc. decided to tagg along for this wild ride.

Continuing the train wreck that is SimCity, the most recent released patch, Update 2.0, may just be whole a new bundle of problems instead. The patch has been reported to contain a whole slew of new bugs than beforehand, which only gives the community a lackluster update to an already disastrous release.

This supposed “first significant update” was to eliminate many of the problems that arose from day one of release. While updates normally will have their fair share of technical issues at first, more bugs came out of this than were actually fixed. It’s interesting that the main objectives of Update 2.0 were to combat frequent problems with path finding and traffic, when in reality they’ve all been made worse in the process.

The gaming community was quick to take their complaints to EA’s forums, citing issues with construction, traffic, sewage buildup, firemen failing at fire-fighting, loading the actual game (even reverting to previous saves randomly), Cheetah Mode not being very cheetah-like, audio problems, and many more. Just for the sake of facepalming, here’s the current (unpolished) list of problems discovered thus far by the Reddit community:

  • Only titan gorge is showing up in the "Join Game" list. Where are the filter settings?
  • Road textures still fubar/disappearing when you pan/zoom
  • Leaderboards still show no data
  • Seeing the "Mayor X has upgraded Y" from a different region than the one being played -Alberto-Balsalm
  • Phantom sounds. Youtube Example: Trees making siren and honking noises - labombevolante
  • Game crashes -sp1d3r
  • Sewage OVERLOAD. 4k population, and sewage outflow pipe is MAXED.
  • Multiple cities stuck @ loading endlessly. No problem creating new ones.
  • High Density, Low Wealth Residential building graphic flickering -elitemarine
  • The railway on Discovery Delta isnt fixed. So Huckleberry Island is stil not connected to the railway.
  • City sounds 'dead' - lots of sirens, not much else -blitzedjesus
  • Global trade of Coal does not function. 4 delivery trucks, 15 tons in storage, no movement. -pitbull_lvr
  • Adding power plants, sewage, anything with agents takes several minutes to 'work' on cheetah -pitbull_lvr
  • Buildings stuck endlessly in construction -pitbull_lvr
  • Pollution from the region being magnified. New town, 4k population, 55 people in the clinic. -thehybridfrog
  • Transit not fixed. Deleted street cars depots and rebuilt it elsewhere and all the street cars disappeared. after the patch, the street cars are still gone.. - user681
  • Police car conga lines have not improved - fivestarchili
  • Great works out of sync - link - fivestarchili
  • Cars still double-backing to the road they came from to take a turn they could've taken earlier. - DerAffenbrotbaum
  • My cities have all reverted to old saves - bailystevens
  • Sewage problem with ferry terminal, sewage not been taken. - Moofers
  • When ANY Culture building is placed, ALL Commercial buildings immediately become Hotels/Motels, no matter how many tourists you have Industrial_Redditor
  • City FULL OF TAXIS after patch - rshilda
  • Clicking on a players profile will often bring up a different origin user's profile
  • I never had a city roll back on me until I started up 2.0. Started up the game and my half full city was gone. - BigJerd886
  • If you have an Arcology built on Reflection Atoll as of 2.0, you'd better be kissing your cities goodbye because the Arcology creates the traffic jam from hell. It clogs up ALL OF THE FREEWAYS in the map right after the Arcology is built and fully upgraded. Then the traffic empties out into your city causing every single street and tram line to become bumper-to-bumper. - MatthewG141
  • I have a city that crashes the next game day at 10:38am every time I start it. - KlousGT

SimCity will release on Mac this June 11th, hopefully after all this mess is cleaned up first.