Space Hulk

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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  • + Combo Co-Op
Space Hulk Developer Interview Answers those Big Questions
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Space Hulk Developer Interview Answers those Big Questions

Space Hulk is quickly approaching and the team at Full Control have started their developer diaries. In this short video, Tomas Lund covers some of the basic questions people have been asking the team about their upcoming translation of the popular Games Workshop board game, Space Hulk.

The team originally wanted to answer all of the questions, but decided on a larger number of shorter videos that they can release over time. Take a couple minutes to listen to this informative video:   

If you skipped the video, here is the basic rundown of what Tomas covers:

  • How close is the game to the board game? They are going to keep it as true to the board game as possible, using the 3rd edition version of Space Hulk.
  • Can I see my dice rolls and player timer? Yes, both are optional. If you want a more board game-esque experience, you can turn on the timer and see all dice rolls (to ensure the computer isn't cheating you).
  • Is there multiplayer? You will be able to play 1 on 1 just like in the board game, or team up against the AI with 2 or more friends.  
  • Are there going to be expansions? The first content update is going to be a level editor. You can build and share levels with everyone around the world, and on every platform.   

Although there hasn't been a specific number mentioned of how many co-op partners one can have, Tomas said that you can co-op with one or multiple friends to kick the AI's ass. Sounds good to me, since Genestealer infestations are worse than roaches. 

Players can look forward to commanding their Blood Angels through the Sin and Damnation campaign in Space Hulk that is set to release later this year. If you have specific questions you would like Full Control to answer, hit up their Facebook Page:

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