Space Hulk

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Tabletop Fans Will See a Space Hulk Video Game Arrive in 2013
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Tabletop Fans Will See a Space Hulk Video Game Arrive in 2013

If Marc doesn't pick this up, we'll be shocked.

What does Co-Optimus love more than tabletop games? Tabletop games that are made into video games! That’s right, an old-school table top classic, Space Hulk, will be arriving on various platforms next year, including cross-platform co-op play!

Recently, we got word that a video game version of Space Hulk is currently in development for PC, Mac, and iOS platforms, and we got super excited. Within it, a co-op mode (no information about how many players has been revealed) and a cross-platform feature will be making an appearance, so this game may be just the thing for you if you love tabletop games and are constantly on the move.

What sort of game Space Hulk exactly? It’s basically Warhammer 40,000 with a badass, outer-space theme and centered within the fictional Warhammer universe. Electronic Arts had released a few Space Hulk adaptations back in the 90’s, but it has rarely been touched in almost a decade. The developers behind Frontline Tactics, Full Control, are hoping to bring the series forward in the modern digital era and get people excited about the series once again. Games Workshop, one of the largest and most successful tabletop gaming companies in the world, said about Space Hulk, “It’s a turn-based game that emulates the look and feel of the board game, but with full 3D animation.” Like us, they seem very pleased with what they see so far.

Based on the epic campaign from “Sin of Damnation”, the third version of Space Hulk series, this game will have not only the 12 prior missions, but also a bunch of co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, as well as a level editor for sharing player’s unique creations. No tabletop player who also loves video games will want to miss out on this come 2013.

No exact date of release has been announced so far, but stay informed through their official website and check out their awesome 1st game trailer below.