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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Classic Co-Op Games Featured in 8-Bit Jesus Album
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Classic Co-Op Games Featured in 8-Bit Jesus Album

If you listened to the latest Co-Opticast, you'll recall us talking about 8-Bit Jesus.  This is a compilation of Holiday Music as it would have been performed on the sound chip from the venerable NES.  It's full of 100% pure win, I assure you.  At the time of the Co-Opticast, only half the full album was available, but now, the whole thing is up for download!  There are a few classic co-op games represented, such as Contraland, Bubbles We Have Heard on Bobble, and We Three Konami.  Anyone who is a fan of classic NES games will enjoy these, so head on over to DoctorOctoroc and check them out!  The (clever) full tracklist is after the break.


We Three Konami
8 Days of Master Robots
Ryu, The Red Nosed Ninja
We Wish You A Merry Faxanadu
Silent Knight Man
Carol Of The Belmonts
Little Drummer Nemo
Joy To Commando
Super Jingle Bros.
Bubbles We Have Heard On Bobble
What Guardian Is Legend?
Deck The Kremlin
Icarus! The Angels Sing
The Legend Of Noel
O Come, All Ye Vampires
Kraid, Rest Ye Merry Mother Brain
Have Yourself A Final Little Fantasy