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Super Mario 64 Mod Adds 2 Player Co-Op

The internet can be an awesome place from time to time. I never cease to be amazed at the sheer ingenuity and dedication of fans who are passionate about their interests, and today we have a great video game example of this phenomena. Super Mario 64 was an instant classic when it was released in 1996, and it was incredibly influential to the 3D platforming genre. Great as it was, though, it was missing one thing... co-op! Even the remake for Nintendo's DS system didn't fix this tragic flaw.

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Classic co-op is a click, press, or swipe away

On the Download Issue 35: Cool to be Old School

It's time for another issue of On the Download, our monthly feature about downloadable games and content. This is my first time covering this column, and I was a bit perplexed as to what to discuss. I'm not exactly a hardcore PC gamer, but Andrew already covered that perspective a few issues ago. Do I dabble in the occasional indie bundle? Sure, but that's more Jason's domain. So what's a poor Co-Optimus editor to do in this situation?

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Baldur's Gate 2 Now Available from Good Old Games

Baldur's Gate 2, which may as well be called "This is Dungeons and Dragons," is now available for your six player online co-op pleasure at Good Old  For those of you not familiar with, they have an amusing 'about us' page that pretty much gives you the nuts and bolts of the operation.  The long and short of it is that offers out of print PC games as digital downloads when they aren't faking going out of business.  Stupid marketing ploys aside, the site seems solid.

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This Week in Co-Op: Doom II like it's 1994

An interesting thing happened recently with the release of DOOM II on Xbox Live Arcade - not only did you get the classic game updated to be playable on the umpteenth platform with online play and the original graphics - you got a sense of the original experience of playing the game on a 14.4 modem!

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Classic Co-Op Games Featured in 8-Bit Jesus Album

If you listened to the latest Co-Opticast, you'll recall us talking about 8-Bit Jesus.  This is a compilation of Holiday Music as it would have been performed on the sound chip from the venerable NES.  It's full of 100% pure win, I assure you.  At the time of the Co-Opticast, only half the full album was available, but now, the whole thing is up for download!  There are a few classic co-op games represented, such as Contraland, Bubbles We Have Heard on Bobble, and We Three Konami.  Anyone who is a fan of classic NES games will enjoy these, so head on over to DoctorOctoroc and check them out!  The (clever) full tracklist is after the break.

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Good Old Games? More like Good Old Co-Op Games!

The preview beta for Good Old Games started this week, and after combing through their list of available (or soon to be available) titles,  we have discovered several classic PC titles with co-op modes!  All games on the service are sold DRM-free at very reasonable prices, and have been updated to work with XP and Vista. Co-Op Titles:  

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