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Co-Optimus E3 2013 Coverage
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Co-Optimus E3 2013 Coverage

All the co-op game news straight from the show

Here we are in Los Angeles, California! The Co-Optimus staff has descended upon LA to bring you all the latest and greatest co-op gaming news straight from E3 2013. Locke, Andrew, Mike and Nick are loaded up with cameras, laptops, microphones and energy drinks to bring you the goods. Here's what is on tap.

The biggest gaming show of the year kicks off at 9AM Pacific with Microsoft's Press Briefing which promises to be an interesting affair. Will MS address the recent DRM announcement or will we be blinded by flashy lights and games,! After that it's on to Electronic Arts where we'll see what the world's biggest publisher tell us about their next gen plans. The day wraps up with Ubisoft and Sony - which sadly we'll be missing because we aren't cool enough. Don't worry - we'll still bring you the news from it while working on some other surprises.

You can always follow all of our E3 up to date coverage from our E3 2013 tag page - which conveniently has our twitter streams on it as well. Be sure to give each of our editors a follow for quick impressions as they happen.

Mike - @pheriannath

Locke - @LockeVincent

Andrew - @Cubninja

Nick - @NickPuleo

Let us know what you are looking forward to during E3 or if there's anything you want the crew to check out specifically!