Divinity: Dragon Commander

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
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Divinity: Dragon Commander to Upgrade Pre-orders to Collector's Edition
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Divinity: Dragon Commander to Upgrade Pre-orders to Collector's Edition

Get upgraded to the Imperial Edition for free by pre-ordering Dragon Commander

With just a little over a month to release, Larian Studios has announced that they'll be upgrading all pre-orders of Divinity: Dragon Commander to Divinity: Dragon Commander - the Imperial Edition for free. The Imperial Edition is a special Collector's Edition for the game, featuring a skin, map, digital soundtrack, documentary, and beta access for Steam users.

Here are the full details:

* A unique development documentary video
* An extra campaign map that has dragons fight for control of the Earth
* A golden skin for your Dragon Emperor
* A beautifully remastered version of the soundtrack by Kirill Pokrovsky
* Dragon Commander’s best kept secret: an overview of all the choices and consequences in the game (you’ll be amazed)
* Immediate beta access(**)

Due to technical reasons, beta access won't be available for those who pre-order through GOG.com. To make up for this, preo-orders on GOG will instead receive a free copy of Divine Divinity in addition to Masters of MagicThe Imperial Edition will also be available after Dragon Commander's launch as purchasable DLC. 

Here's a video Larian put together to promote their pre-order opportunity:

Also, if you missed it, last week Larian put out an video dev diary where they played one full turn of Dragon Commander. It's a full 27 minutes of gameplay!

Divinity: Dragon Commander is set to release August 6th, 2013 with 2-player online co-op for the PC. It'll set you back $40.

Source: Divinitydragoncommander.com