Co-Optimus - Video - Diablo IV Release Co-Op Impressions and Video Review in Progress
Diablo IV Release Co-Op Impressions and Video Review in Progress
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Diablo IV Release Co-Op Impressions and Video Review in Progress

Our initial review of Diablo 4

Diablo IV is set to release to the masses this week, with early access starting on June 2nd. We were lucky enough to gain access to a near final build of the game last week with all content unlocked. The intention was to develop a review, but the reality set in - this game is way too big and constantly in motion to give the traditional review treatment.

The whole crew dove in over the course of the week, trying to see some new content and get a feel what sort of progress has been made since the betas. As you'll see from our video below, a big discussion ensues around the fact that any impressions or review of game like Diablo IV is only good for that exact moment. Live-service games literally change week-to-week with class/gear balances, new content, tweaks, and other fixes that can render previous issues moot. One of the biggest complaints from the betas was that melee-focused classes - like the Barbarian, Druid, or Rogue - felt disadvantaged compared to the ranged-classes; but Blizzard has already said they are working on ways to tip the scales. 


So what doesn't change over time? I would say the overall formula won't change much. Diablo IV feels much more like a giant open-world RPG with freedom of choice given to the player. There's a ton of content and side quests while ALSO giving repeat players the option to power through to get where they need to go. The overall feel of the game is somewhat of a balance between Diablo III and Diablo II. This game is incredibly dark and foreboding with a real return to the hopelessness of the earlier games in the series, while at the same time keeping Diablo III's focus on action, speed, and chaos.

The real meat of Diablo IV is going to lie in its loot, crafting, and high tier content - something we can't fully comment on yet as it's only discernable after many dozens of hours spent with the game - the foundation is here to build something that scratches that itch only ARPGs can create. 

From the co-op side of things you get four player co-op with drop-in and drop-out support. You can build a clan with your friends with rewards to be had. Perhaps the best feature though is the game's auto-scaling capabilities, meaning anyone of any level can team up and take on content. Obviously there could be story spoilers and the like if you are level 5 and you join your level 50 friend's game, but at least it's an option! The game is also fully cross platform compatible meaning you can play with ANY of your friends on any platform. This is a very approachable and accessible co-op game. 

There's so much more to talk about, and we will over the next few weeks be showcasing all of the exciting discoveries in Diablo IV. As someone that has grown up with the entire Diablo series, four has me excited and engaged in a way I haven't been since the first time I picked up the Lords of Destruction expansion in Diablo 2. The game feels great to play, looks amazing, and is incredibly engaging. The only hopelessness I'm feeling is for my free time.