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Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Aliens: Colonial Marines Previewed, Compared to Left 4 Dead
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Aliens: Colonial Marines Previewed, Compared to Left 4 Dead

A new preview went up this morning on CVG, and thanks to the watchful eyes of Co-Optimer rafoca, we have some co-op tidbits for you!

Particularly interesting is this excerpt from the article's intro:

Like this month's exceptional Left 4 Dead, Colonial Marines is a four-player co-op game centred around survival: you're constantly under attack and the environments you move through are frequently hiding your enemy.

If you don't know why this is an exciting correllation, then click here before reading any further: The 2008 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards.

According to CVG, in-game locations will include planet LV-426, the vessel Sulaco, and prison facility 'Fury' 161 to round out the original trilogy. Supposedly, there will also be some type of supporting content to keep Alien: Resurrection a part of the game's mythology, but to what degree Gearbox Software isn't disclosing yet.

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Single-player mode will operate similar to the original Ghost Recon, wherein the player could switch between a group of four class-based soldiers if there were no co-op buddies around. However, the four-player co-op campaign seems to be where the most promise - and excitement - lies. Left 4 Dead with Aliens weapons? Yes, please!


On top of weaponry specific to each character, all four marines will have access to the beefy bangsticks of the second film, which means pistols, RPGs, grenades, flamethrowers, plus the tasty pulse rifles and sentry guns.


 We're taking a wild stab in the dark here and predicting a Drake/Vasquez-style M56 smart gun-carrier; a loose-mouthed technician based on the swear-tastically lily-livered Hudson; an expert in mid-range weaponry like the bought-the-farm-early-doors-in-Aliens Frost; and, of course, a bad ass Hicks-style squad leader.


The CVG staff is obviously rife with the nostalgia of Generation X. Given the prospect of in-game characters based on Aliens alumni Hudson and Hicks, one can only hope that Tom Armitage creates automated Twitter accounts for the Aliens: Colonial Marines cast like he did for the cast of Left 4 Dead...