God of War: Ascension

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Utilize Brutal Co-Op Moves With God of War: Ascension's Co-Op Weapons
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Utilize Brutal Co-Op Moves With God of War: Ascension's Co-Op Weapons


Think you are the god among gods in God of War: Ascension? Think again! A bunch of co-op specific weapons have been released today on PS3 that add their very own kickass co-op moves into the mix.

The developers of Sony Santa Monica were working hard to bring us a handful of new items to use in game. But, most especially, brand new co-op moves have been included into the game that add even more depth to the co-op modes. These Mythological Heroes weapons utilize the insanely brutal Co-op Moves, designed specifically to dish out the heavy damage and make any foe think twice. Here is a video showcasing some of these moves, followed by the list of new weapons:

  • Spear of Achilles
  • Hammer of Odysseus
  • Sword of Orion
  • Sword of Perseus

Those who previously preordered the game had the exclusive privilege of using the Armor counterparts of these weapons on their Champions. However, everyone will now be able to don these and even the godly items playing field a bit. Anyone who’d like to grab these can just search for “God of War” on the PlayStation Store and they will immediately turn up.

But how do players use these awesome Co-op weapons to their advantage? A quick step by step list answers this question simply:

  1. Equip one of the four Co-op Weapons
  2. Enter any Multiplayer Mode for God of War: Ascension
  3. Execute either your L1 Triangle or L1 Square special attacks
  4. Upon special attack execution, a Green Halo will appear over your Champion’s head
  5. Have a Teammate tether you when the Green Halo appears to begin the Co-op Move

Remember that only a single player has to equip a Co-op Weapon before the match begins to perform these moves. Beyond that rule, the number of Co-op Weapons doesn’t matter to execute them. Now go out there and try them out for yourselves on God of War: Ascension today!

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com