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Resident Evil 5 Looks "Noticeably" Better on 360
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Resident Evil 5 Looks "Noticeably" Better on 360

Anytime any big name title gets a multi-platform release, someone...somewhere inevitably does a side by side comparison to see which version is "better."  With the Resident Evil 5 Co-Op demo released last month in Japan on the Xbox 360 and a recent PS3 version of the demo becoming available with new system purchases; well that time has come. ran the game through some tests and noticed that the 360 version was sharper, contained higher resolution textures, and was "more precise."  Simple things like the number of shadows, the volume of smoke, and the detail in character features were all distinguishably different.  All isn't quite so well though for the 360 as the demo had some pretty bad screen tearing which wasn't present on the PlayStation 3 version.  Be sure to check out the site for a ton of nice roll over image comparisons.

Of course all of this could be moot as these are just demo versions of an unfinished game, but if anything it does show that PS3 version has a ways to go.  For the first Resident Evil game on a Microsoft platform this definitely shows promise.  As long as both versions have exploding zombie heads - I think I'll be happy.