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Co-Optimus is Hiring
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Co-Optimus is Hiring

Want to join the Co-Opticrew?

As of September 3rd, 2013 -this position has been filled.

Co-Optimus is looking to expand our staff! We're preparing for the onslaught of fall releases and the hugely anticipated launch of next-gen consoles. We're looking for an excellent writer who eats, sleeps, and breathes co-op.

We need a hardworking and ambitious team player willing to cover co-op gaming news, dabble in the occasional Co-Op Review and FAQ, and of course, live for cooperative gaming.

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Someone who understands the difference between co-op and multiplayer. This is key. Split screen is not the same as co-op, Blur fans.
  • Self-motivated, independent writer capable of finding, writing, and posting co-op gaming news
  • Well versed in using social media
  • Is a console AND a PC gamer, or at least, very familiar with both markets
  • Capable of writing between 7-10 news posts a week M-F and occasional weekends.
  • Intimate knowledge in the differences between there, their, and they're, as well as your and you're. 
  • The novel ability to be informative and at times humorous without swearing. 

While not necessarily a requirement, the following will get our attention:

  • Located in San Francisco, CA or Seattle, WA area.
  • Video production (Youtube), video streaming (Twitch.TV) experience
  • Prior video game writing experience
  • laser pointers, shiny lights, booze, combo co-op

You will be compensated with games and money. That's correct. You write for us and we'll give you games and money. What else could you possibly want? More? Fine! You may also be given opportunities to cover media events like E3, PAX, and smaller private preview events.

Interested parties should send an email to jobs@co-optimus.com with the subject "News Editor Job Application." Please attach a writing sample to the email along with your qualifications. This is a part time gig.

8.16.2013 Special edit from the guy catching these application emails: If you already applied I love you all and you're awesome for applying. I'll contact each of you in the next day or two. 

If you have yet to apply I want to be clear: Living close to San Fran or Seattle is a nice perk for covering gaming events, but not a big factor in getting this position. I appreciate those of you willing to relocate, but our current staff hails from the Midwest, New York, SoCal, America's Hat, the U.K., and probably a few other places I'm forgetting. Like the rest of us, you will be working from the comfort of your home in a part-time capacity. 

Thanks for your time,


As of September 3rd, 2013 -this position has been filled.