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Wii Set To Rock Out
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Wii Set To Rock Out

Wii Rock Band will be released as a Special Edition bundle that includes the game, drums, microphone and a wireless guitar. Stand alone instruments will also be available on June 22. The game will feature 63 songs including five bonus songs for Wii gamers to enjoy.

Well, looks like Wii fans will be able to rock out just like everyone else. However, details about online play are still foggy, particularly considering Nintendo's stance towards online gaming. Still, it's about time that Wii get the chance to start their own virtual bands. Expect to see a million bands named after Wii puns once this game drops on June 22.

Rock Band features 4 Player Co-Op play with each player taking the role of a band member. You can choose from lead and bass guitar, as well as drums and vocals.