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This PS4 Ad Shows Sony's Dream for a Socially Connected Future
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This PS4 Ad Shows Sony's Dream for a Socially Connected Future


With the Tokyo Game Show kicking off soon, Sony is revving up the PlayStation 4 hype machine. If this five minute video is any indication, Sony is really pushing for an always connected and social future for console gaming. 

There's a common visual that comes up throughout the video which can be summed up with a new button located on the PlayStation 4 controller - "share." Whether we see someone sharing a video of their gameplay, inviting them to a co-op session of Deep Down (which might be the first we've seen the game having co-op play), or sharing your game with your Vita, the emphasis in the video is definitely on the social aspects of gaming with friends - both cooperatively and competitively. 

Sony traditionally likes to keep their ecosystem controlled and contained - whether by memory card limitations or hardware limitations like we've seen with proprietary technology in devices past. Hopefully the company opens up a little and allows some of the mobile aspects to expand beyond Sony phones, portables, and other hardware. There's a lot of promise to what Sony is showing here and if it all works like they are showing, the PlayStation 4 could have a very strong community built around it.