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Fable 2 "Knothole Island" DLC Dated...Again...For Real
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Fable 2 "Knothole Island" DLC Dated...Again...For Real

After two missteps, first a wrong date and then a technical delay, the Fable 2 content updated called Knothole Island looks to finally be available soon.  In fact, next week on January 13th players will be able to co-op and face off against evil knots.  Sailor, double, chain stitch and even garlic knots are all available for slaughtering.  Ok, I made that last part up.  But there's still plenty of content to co-op.

The DLC will cost you 800 MS Points, but you can play it in co-op with any of your friends that purchased it thanks to a free content update.  The free update will also include some new items like a weight loss potion - which we all need after the holidays!

If you're really hardcore about knots (and who isn't?) then you may want to snag the new Fable 2 Knothole Island theme on marketplace which should be available soon.

Source: Community.lionhead.com