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Killzone 2 Could See Co-Op Patch Soon after Launch
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Killzone 2 Could See Co-Op Patch Soon after Launch

Sony's Killzone 2 is a juggernaut for the PlayStation 3 this year.  Releasing in February, the game has been the cause for much controversy starting with its "target trailer" from E3 2006.  Whether or not the final game meets the target's expectations for graphics is still up in the air, but people who have played the multiplayer beta are thoroughly impressed.

When any first person shooter is released or announced we ask ourselves the question - "Does it have co-op?"

With Killzone 2 the answer was no, but according to a NeoGaf post (I know...I know) we could be seeing co-op in the form of a patch shortly after release.  The user said that during CES2009 he had some chatty time with a Sony Rep who said that split screen co-op was not possible due to technical limits, but they were working on an online co-op patch for the game.

We'll chalk this up firmly in the rumor column, but if true, this game just jumped up a few more places on my list to check out.

Source: Neogaf.com