GTA Online Stimulus Package Has Arrived
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GTA Online Stimulus Package Has Arrived

Lost your character during Online's launch? Get a cash bonus for it!

GTA Online’s Stimulus Package has finally arrived! Gamers who were inconvenienced by the various cloud save errors and character losses from the very beginning will now have the opportunity to make up for it with hefty shopping spree.

Complementing the recent Title Update 1.05 fixes, players have since been gifted their promised cash of $500,000 to their GTA Online characters. To qualify for the deposit, gamers must have played GTA Online during the month of October when all these problems occurred and have the latest title update installed. And that’s really about it! If you still don’t see the money added when you log into GTA Online, please be aware that these deposits will continue periodically until Friday at some point. Rockstar certainly appreciates the gaming community for being patient while they got all these things up:

“Thanks go out to everyone for their continued patience and understanding while we worked through these issues, and we can’t wait to bring more into the world of GTA Online.”

Players should note that, since dying in-game takes away around $2,000 from your character’s wallet/bank account each time, it would be wise to spend the money ASAP to maximize the profits gained. I’d recommend even putting yourself in “Passive Mode” so that other players can’t kill you as easily during this (only being run over by a vehicle works in this mode).

To get an idea of how much stuff you can redeem with this package, I’ll tell you exactly what I bought with it yesterday:

- A 6-car garage apartment at a fantastic beach location

- An expensive, Italian sports car, with modified tires, armor upgrade, and paint job

- A high class motor cycle with modified tires, engine upgrade, and paint job

- A BMX motorcycle

- A ATV motor vehicle

- A wave runner

- Two tattoos

- Two extended weapon magazines

What will you all buy with your cash bonuses? Let us know in the comments below!