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Activision Announces Removal Date for All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero DLC's
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Activision Announces Removal Date for All Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero DLC's

Online servers will still be active to play on.

Attention Rhythm gamers: all DLC for Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and Band Hero games will be vanishing from the online markets by the end of this month. Grab your favorite songs before they are gone for good!

Announced earlier today by Activision, the plug will be pulled on all DLC content currently available online for these three games. Along with the DLC for the Guitar Hero mobile game, players who would like to grab any DLC on their PS3's, Xbox 360's, and/or Wii's before the removal can do so before March 31st. As a farewell to the DLC's, Activision will be making a select group of songs available for 50% off the normal prices, as well as the Guitar Hero mobile game discounted to $1. Activision stated on their Guitar Hero Facebook page:

"We want to thank all of you for supporting Guitar Hero over the last nine years."

This bit of news, while somewhat sad, doesn't mean the genre is anywhere near dead. The Guitar Hero online servers will still be an accessible feature and any purchases made previously will still be playable in-game. Other Harmonix franchises like Rock Band and Dance Central still remains untouched for now, however, so we'll have to see what will come for the future of Rhythm games from Activision. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos stated that both Rock Band and Guitar Hero will return one day to the forefront, but will require the "right point in time".

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