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Can't blame the software if you stink at singing.

Mad Catz Discusses Rock Band 4's Instrument Improvements

Excited for the new Rock Band 4 coming out later this year? Thankfully, we have Mad Catz producing some quality controllers this time around for fans to really rock out on. With reduced technical issues to deal with, the developers reiterated that they didn't want to innovate for innovation's sake. While the devices have been upgraded slightly since the last title, the same general look and feel of each will feel familiar. For longtime fans of Rockband, all these new changes sound very promising.

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Still over 4,000 songs to rock out to

Rock Band DLC to End April 2nd

It seemed like the days of plastic instruments cluttering up living rooms would never end. On April 2nd, however, Harmonix has announced that DLC support for Rock Band 3 will be terminated as the team moves on to other projects. The songs aren't going anywhere, and sales will continue to occur, but new content is officially at an end. Not only is it a sobering reminder of an era coming to pass, but it also marks the longest DLC support for a franchise in video gaming history, boasting over 275 weeks of continuous releases.

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Harmonix Bought By...Harmonix

It was only a little over a month ago when we told you that Harmonix's parent company, Viacom, was putting the developer up for sale after only owning them for a few years.  Rock Band 3 sales numbers were partially to blame for this, but the $179 million dollar selling price surely contributed.

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Rock Band Developer Harmonix is Up for Sale

Viacom, who owns such properties as Paramount Films, MTV, Comedy Central and Harmonix, have reported a 59% loss in earnings for the third quarter of 2010.  From the report - it seems partially to blame on Rock Band 3 development costs and early indicators of poor sales of the game.  Both the film and TV division of Viacom reported an increase in earnings - thereby making the Harmonix investment even more dire.

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Beatles Music Game Coming From Rock Band Creators

Aerosmith?  AC/DC?  Metallica?  These are big bands, for sure, but it appears the biggest band of all is coming to a video game console near you.  Harmonix and MTV Games, of Rock Band fame, are making an all new game based on the Beatles.  This is no mere Track Pack, though; instead, it's an entirely new game, described as "a musical and visual journey through the Beatles' entire career."  (Yellow Submarine minigames, perhaps?) 

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