Tom Clancy's The Division

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Tom Clancy's The Division's Snowdrop Engine Explained
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Tom Clancy's The Division's Snowdrop Engine Explained

Watch Devs open and shut car doors!

It's no secret that Tom Clancy's The Division looks incredible. Not just from a visual standpoint, but also on a technical level. Bullets blaze through cop car windows and leave bullet holes, not just blasting out the glass entirely. Likewise, your agent will thoughtfully shut said cop car doors as they are taking cover behind it. No idea why they feel the need to prioritize that while being shot at. Maybe they're just trying to keep the "door open" light off.

These technical advancements are all due to Ubisoft's new Snowdrop Engine. The teams behind the new 4 player co-op shooter took some time out of development to stitch together a trailer detailing what, exactly, their new engine is for GDC. Take a look.

You know, I'm no game designer, and I'm sure this is incredibly challenging. But the way this thing is set up makes it look super easy. Hopefully, this allows them to generate plenty of content for the game and post-release, keeping New York city ever expanding with new missions and assets. With such a focus on multiplayer, it's good to ensure content flowing to keep the game feeling fresh.

When you and your friends are seeking bottles of water and cans of beans in the ruins of New York city, take a moment to admire light trickling from bullet holes and the constantly blazing upper story of a once perfectly fine apartment building. All thanks to the Snowdrop engine.