Rogue Stormers

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Procedurally Generated Contra Meets Left 4 Dead, That's DieselStormers
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Procedurally Generated Contra Meets Left 4 Dead, That's DieselStormers

Still funding, but coming no matter what!

We generally don't cover a lot of games on the site that are on Kickstarter. If we do, we have some criteria - the biggest of which is - regardless of Kickstarter the game is going to come out. A lot of time developers use Kickstarter to really push a game over the last hump, or polish it up to a point that wasn't simply feasible without proper funding. Today we're looking at Dieselstormers, a side scrolling shooter with four player co-op.

Dieselstormers is from a relatively new studio called Black Forest Games, but the team is actually comprised of longtime industry veterans. Many have come from Spellbound Studios GmbH, a studio responsible for Desperados, Airline Tycoon and also some work on the game Arcania. Most recently the team released Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, an excellent indie platformer on Steam. Dieselstormers has been in development since 2006, mostly as a side project for the team when they weren't working on the paying gigs. It is their labor of love.


DieselStörmers is an action game that follows the inhabitants of Ravensdale taking back their city from a rampaging ork horde. The game will have a story/campaign mode that allows you to pick from a range of different missions with varying difficulties, objectives and parameters. As the game stands now, there is a solid playable prototype, loaded with procedurally generated content. The Kickstarter itself is looking for $50,000 to finish the game up - with such rewards as naming bosses, art books, soundtracks, gear and much more. 

We chatted with Vladimir Ignatov of Black Forest games about the project. 

Co-Optimus: Will the co-op mode be online too? Or is this only couch co-op?

Vladimir: We will focus on networked (online) co-op for Early Access and we will add proper couch co-op functionality in the future, especially when console versions become more relevant to us. You can also check out our playable prototype that features simple local co-op.


Co-Optimus: What games do you feel are the biggest inspiration for DieselStormers?

Vladamir: DieselStormers wasn't directly inspired by one, two  or even four games. Some of the first games that come to mind are Contra and Metal Slug, some parts of Left 4 Dead in respect to 4-player coop against swarms of fodder with some stronger enemies mixed in. The procedural loot is comparable to Borderlands, and layered level generation as can be seen in The Binding of Isaac. As you can see, there were many ingredients in the stew.

Mmm...tasty stew.

Co-Optimus: If the game fails Kickstarter, what can we still expect to see from DieselStormers?

Vladamir: This will inevitably push back the delivery of Early Access build, but we've been through an 8-year long development roller-coaster [see our blog post about that] and we ain't turning back! There will be weekends sacrificed and long hours, but it will see the light of Early Access launch later this year (regardless).

Co-Optimus: What is the one feature you are most proud of with the game?

Vladamir: The game has many cool features, almost as "which of your children's fingers is your favorite?"  

Well, if I had to choose one, I'd say DieselStormers is our first fully procedurally generated game - the levels, enemies, traps and even end-level bosses are programmatically generated. A combinatoric weapons system that lets you make your own guns from a huge number of looted parts. That promise of infinitely prolonged run 'n' gun experience with true co-op as a pillar. Reading back it seems like I got carried away and listed all main features, but believe me there are much more under the hood awesome design, tech and art solutions left.


There's a playable prototype available here for the game. Black Forest Games plans to bring the title to the PC, Mac and Linux as well as Xbox One, PS4 and WiiU down the road. 

The Kickstarter ends this Friday, May 23rd. As of the time of this writing the game needs just under $10,000 to achieve funding.