Dying Light

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Dying Light's Latest Trailer Has Got All the Moves
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Dying Light's Latest Trailer Has Got All the Moves

Is Natural Movement truly next-gen?

When we saw Dying Light at E3, the we quickly realized the game wasn't just Dead Island with parkour. Instead we realized that Dying Light from Polish developer Techland was much more. In the first video of their developer diary series we take a look at one of the game's defining features, called Natural Movement. 

The team walks you through the evolution of how this came to be, they wanted a game where you were truly free to go anywhere you want on the map and to do it fluidly. There are no artificial limitations to where you can climb, jump, fall, or slide. In fact, the team is so confident their new technology is ground-breaking they are calling it the next evolution of first person perspective gaming. 

Obviously we'll have to wait till February of next year to find out if Dying Light can deliver, but for now we can enjoy the first developer diary with plenty of gameplay footage. And don't worry - you won't just be running around away from the zombies, you'll be brutally taking care of business as well.


And here's our E3 video interview in case you missed it!