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Harmonix Shuts Down Rock Band Network
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Harmonix Shuts Down Rock Band Network

Oh well, we had some good times.

Five or six years ago, you couldn't walk into someone's house without tripping over a few sets of plastic game instruments. Rock Band and Guitar Hero were everywhere, even on mobile devices, and thousands of songs were rolled out to make sure we kept pretending we were rock stars. But now, another big nail has been driven into the coffin. The Rock Band Network is dead.

In early April 2013, Harmonix announced the final Rock Band DLC pack that brought to an end over 275 weeks of continuous content updates. The Rock Band Network rose to allow artists to make their content available to plastic instrument players. In all, over 2,100 songs were released on the service, matching a roughly equal number of tracks released by the Harmonix team.

Even though it's shutting down, content will still be available to buy through RBN, so no need to throw out the paraphernalia yet. Just don't hold your breath for new songs, because there won't be any! To get your current pop music/game fix, you'll have to dance out your troubles. Can't wait to write the news article announcing the death of dancing games. Whaddaya say, everybody. Meet here in five years?