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Garden Warfare to Receive 'Legends of the Lawn' DLC Tomorrow
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Garden Warfare to Receive 'Legends of the Lawn' DLC Tomorrow

Tons of new character variants to choose from!

Pop Cap Games announced that Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare will be receiving yet another free DLC pack tomorrow. Coming as a update to all platforms, "Legend of the Lawn" will feature an all new game mode, as well as a bunch of new character customizations and variants.

First up is the new mode, titled as "Taco Bandits". This is an alternative to the classic Capture the Flag mode that we all know and love. Players on zombie team must battle their way into the plants defenses to reach a taco stand and return to Dr. Zomboss with his dinner. While the plants team can set up turret plants to defend the taco, the zombie team can summon other zombies to join in and overwhelm their defenses.

As for the 7 new character variants, these have also been outlined further:

  • Centurion - A soldier with a new crossbow weapon, which is single shot and semi-automatic. It's quick, accurate, and inflicts fire damage that burns over time.
  • Sanitation Expert - Has a trash compactor which launches explosive garbage bags that inflict toxic damage to any plant caught in the blast radius.
  • Palaeontologist - Comes with a molten magma blaster that applies fire damage at both short and long-ranges.
  • Golf Star - Has increased zoom, accurate aiming, and a Golf Cannon.
  • Alien Flower - Has projectiles that explode on impact, creating a temporary spore mist that rapidly damages any zombies.
  • Chomp Thing - Health regenerates twice as fast as any other character.
  • Jade Cactus - Heavily armoured cactus with a weapon that deals explosive damage on direct hits.

Along with this DLC is the addition of the Suburbination DLC, which has yet to arrive on the PS3 and PS4 versions (already out on Xbox One). This DLC will include the sweet "Crash Course" map and Plasma Pea Shooter variant.