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Hackers Evolve Left 4 Dead from 2D to 3D to Real Life
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Hackers Evolve Left 4 Dead from 2D to 3D to Real Life

To those of you looking for a more involving experience from the PC version of stellar co-op title Left 4 Dead: Nvidia is using our favorite PETZ offender to showcase their newly-available 3D gaming technology.

While this is very cool and indicative of Nvidia's impeccable taste in games...it's also very expensive. Thankfully, Ars Technica shows us how to take advantage of a hack that allows you to use your Super Bowl XLIII 3D glasses in conjunction with a graphics trick. Et voila! Three-dimensional Boomer slime will now seemingly enter your living room. (Think that's weird? Let a Hunter dive at you now!)

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Use the simple instructions below -- as provided by Ars Technica -- to make your survival a 3D affair:


You'll need to be running either Vista or XP, you'll need an Nvidia 8XXX series or higher, you'll need a pair of those nifty 3D glasses from the Super Bowl promotions, and lastly you'll need a copy of Left 4 Dead. The rest you can find online.

The site gives you a list of what you'll need to do, as well as what drivers you'll need, to get the desired effect.

You will need to install some Nvidia drivers first.

What will this do? Enable you to play the game in 3D, changing the colors to those suited to the Super Bowl glasses. This gives you a nifty—not to mention mostly free—3D effect. While going through all this madness is rather time-consuming... hey, it's 3D!


Should you find this task too difficult or not-quite-satisfying, just you wait: Austin (Texas) is apparently being overrun by zombies, and it won't be long before they're in your town!






Source: Arstechnica.com