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Survive 18 Minutes of Bloodborne's Initial Gameplay
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Survive 18 Minutes of Bloodborne's Initial Gameplay

One seriously bad dream.

It's almost time to don thy Victorian garb and wade into the monster-infested depths of pseudo-London, circa 1835. Bloodborne is headed to PS4's around the world March 24th, and here to preemptively celebrate our countless in-game deaths is a full 18 minutes worth of gameplay from our friends down at IGN. This section showcases a brand new game from the first cutscene to rollin' around, axing fools that get too uppity.

Check it out.

Yeah, that looks a lot like Dark Souls with a coat of Victorian paint slapped on. The movement is fluid, the monsters' attacks are brutal and deliberate, and your homie can dodge roll around on the floor like he's the world's worst break dancer. There's even a fat souls counter up at the top right corner, so you can see just how much wealth you amass before losing it all in a careless misstep.

I love the look of this game, and being able to see it in full, unedited action makes me even more excited. Those gnarly little zombie things give me the creeps, even if they don't seem so bad. More clingy than anything, but at least they're willing to sell stuff! 

Above all, I'm just happy to see that ridiculous ragdoll effect on the monsters is back. Being able to tumble the baddies around the streets with nothing but my feet is all I really want in a video game.