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Shadowrun Chronicles Arriving This April
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Shadowrun Chronicles Arriving This April

Jander around Boston 2076 with chummers and geek some dreks

The cyberpunk world of Shadowrun is finally arriving with co-op. At one point title "Shadowrun Online", the newly renamed Shadowrun Chronicles will allow up to four players to join together online and tackle missions in this dystopian future of hacking, shamanism, and fantasy.

Details are still a little hazy as far as what all the co-op will entail, though it appears that you'll be able to play through the full game with your friends. The plot of the game revolves around a dragon escaping from a secret lab (laying waste to it in the process) and unleashing a mysterious disease that turns normal people into murdering psychopaths.

The Early Access version of the game can currently be picked up for $29.99 and the full version of the game is slated for an April 28, 2015 release.