Defiance Gets Arc Hunters Bundle; New Content
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Defiance Gets Arc Hunters Bundle; New Content

Making Frisco a bit more alien.

The transmedia SyFy original TV show / video game Defiance is gearing up for its second season, premiering on the network this June. Unfortunately, despite being a "transmedia experience," we can't command the real-world actors to do what we want in the show. Or in real life. Have you ever tried to direct a flesh and blood human being with a gamepad? It's hard. 

While they're no doubt stewing up something big in-game for the debut, Trion has thrown down several incentives for new and returning players to give Defiance a look.

Three purchasable packs were released on May 6th. The "Adapted Ark Hunter Bundle" comes in at $4.99 and throws 10 brand new Epic Adapted Weapons at you, one of each type. Given that it's otherwise a completely free to play game, slapping down a five spot for some sweet gear might be a pretty good value proposition. If you're really feeling the Defiance love, you can just throw $19.99 in your console of choice for the "Evolved Ark Hunter Bundle." It's got all the weapons in the Adapted pack, plus a Legendary SMG, which you can fire wildly into the air as you do donuts in your new Duni Shetarru vehicle, plus a bit more. If you're ready to burn your entire paycheck on Defiance, there's the "Apex Ark Hunter Bundle." Coming in at $99.99, it's got all the Adapted Weapons, plus a slew of fresh stuff that will have you ruling post-alien invasion San Francisco from your glowing, radioactive tower. You can check their official story for more details.

Last month, Trion launched a new update for the game based off of an old Sean Connery / Nick Cage joint. Entitled "Alcatraz," you and your co-op buddies plumb the depths of America's most notorious prison. Of course, it's made all the more notorious because it's got all these crazy aliens in it, and every one of them wants to eat you. Let's see the Ghost Adventures guys spend a night in there now.

Here's the trailer.

Somehow, there are slightly less explosions in this trailer than in The Rock

Who knows what crazy stuff they've got planned for Season 2 of Defiance, and how that'll effect their MMO-ish experience? We thought the game was pretty okay, but it could definitely do better. Maybe this whole transmedia thing will pan out into something pretty spectacular soon.