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Final Defiance Season Pass 1 DLC Rolls Out
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Final Defiance Season Pass 1 DLC Rolls Out

Kick the living shtako out of those Hellbugs with the new updates.

Players that have kept up with all of Defiance's updates or are just getting into the game now, be aware that the last DLC for this season, "Arktech Revolution", has finally arrived this week. An ample amount of changes have been made for those who paid for the DLC, but an additional title update also altered few things worth taking a look at..

Announced way back last March, and now available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 since April 15th, the "Arktech Revolution" completes Defiance's Season Pass DLC's to come out. In this DLC, players will find a major additions to the way character progression works, among other things. A weapon's strength will now scale with the EGO rating requirement for that weapon, so leveling up means a whole lot more to gameplay. It's important to note that non-Season Pass holders won't be able to download the standalone DLC until Tuesday, April 29th. Take a look at the full list of DLC content now available:

Arktech Revolution:

Paid Features

  • One Chimera Arktech Kit containing:
    • 1000 Arkforge
    • The “Arktech Revolutionary” title
    • The “Chimera Ark Hunter” outfit
  • Access to the Chimera daily contracts which reward Caeruleum Cores for completing expert tier co-op maps.
  • Additionally, Caeruleum Cores can be acquired in lesser numbers from weekly Paradise contracts.
  • Access to the Chimera vendor, which offers a unique line of legendary weapons and legendary mods purchased using Caeruleum Cores.
  • The Chimera mod synergy.
  • The Chimera Claw (shield).
  • The Chimera Horn (rocket launcher).
  • The Chimera Fang (charge blade).
  • Conflagration: Increases damage to health from your incendiary attacks.
  • Flash Point: Increases damage to shields from your incendiary attacks.
  • Heat Shield: Reduces incoming damage from incendiary attacks.
  • Corrosion: Increases damage to armor from your bio attacks.
  • Virulent: Increases armor penetration from your bio attacks.
  • Immunized: Reduces incoming damage from bio attacks.
  • Bloodsucker: Increases health and shield damage stolen from your siphon attacks.
  • Deadly Apparition: Increases damage from your siphon attacks.
  • Strong Soul: Reduces incoming damage from siphon attacks.
  • Live Wire: Increases damage to shields from your electric attacks.
  • Electrical Fire: Increases damage to health from your electric attacks.
  • Grounded: Reduces incoming damage from electric attacks.
  • Gamma Rays: Increases armor penetration from your radiation attacks.
  • Radiation Burns: Increases damage from your radiation attacks.
  • Lead Lined: Reduces incoming damage from radiation attacks.
  • Six new pursuits offering unique titles and EGO rating increases that reward three pieces of legendary equipment:
  • Access to 15 new perks for ark hunters who choose to join Chimera in the Arktech Revolution:

Free Features

  • EGO Rating Cap Increased
    • While you’ve been hunting and modding the finest extraterrestrial equipment arkfalls can provide, your EGO has been working on upgrades of its own.
  • EGO Rating Progression
  • For ark hunters, a higher EGO rating will now impart a much larger effect on damage, health, and shield capacity. Similarly, the damage output of weapons will now scale based on their power rating.
  • In addition to the difference between standard and elite enemies being more pronounced, new enemy difficulty tiers featuring enhanced abilities and updated designs will be introduced.
  • Now that enemies scale in difficulty, “elites” as a designation for all mobs no longer exists. Instead, different types of mobs have different prefixes depending on their difficulty tier:
    • Hellbugs, Scrappers, Infected
      • Adapted, Superior, Evolved, Apex
    • Mutants, Raiders, Dark Matter
    • Experienced, Veteran, Hardened, Formidable
    • Reinforced, Enhanced, Augmented, Ark
    • Volge, 99ers
  • Team up with your fellow ark hunters to tackle new expert versions of all co-op maps featuring the new enemy difficulty tiers! Defeating these challenging instances will not only reward you boasting rights but also new special tokens that can be spent to purchase legendary weapons and mods directly from certain vendors.
  • Events will now dynamically adjust their difficulty based on the players participating in or joining them. Low EGO rating players will be able to stand in fights with these high-level foes by means of a special temporary buff.
  • Defiance’s weapons damage types are getting a major overhaul to increase their impact on gameplay.
  • Armor is a new damage-mitigating buff granted passively by shield equipment and temporarily by perks, stims, or spikes. Unlike shields, armor does not regenerate when excessive damage breaks it but it can be repaired at extraction points.
  • Armor repair stations have appeared all over the Bay Area. Travel to any fast travel point to find a station.
  • Two new stims have been added: armor repair and ablative armor.
  • As of Arktech Revolution, enemies will drop universal consumables (called “charges”) of each type that refill one use of the specificied item type in your current loadout. Can’t carry any more of that item? Don’t fret: you’ll automatically salvage any excess charges upon picking it up.
  • New Enemy Difficulty Tiers
  • Expert Co-Op Maps
  • Dynamic Event Scaling
  • Damage Type Overhaul
  • Armor Plates
  • Universal Grenade, Spike, and Stim Charges

Additionally, the game overall got an update on multiple levels, from extra Trait alterations to Vendor changes. Please keep these in mind for future sessions:

Game Updates

  • A number of perks have been rebalanced to match new armor and scaling mechanics:
    • Trait: Detachment – Now adds between 1 and 3 plates of ablative armor.
    • Trait: Juggernaut – Now adds between 2 and 4 plates of ablative armor.
    • Trait: Thick Skinned Basic Description – Now adds between 3 plates of ablative armor.
    • Trait: Time Out – Added 15 second cooldown.
    • Trait: In the Trenches – Drastically reduced effectiveness.
    • Trait: Fortitude – Changed to a percent of health rather than a flat number.
    • Trait: Rear Guard – Drastically reduced effectiveness.
  • Replaced Reset Weapon Mastery XP with Reroll Weapon Mastery bonus.
  • Players now gain weapon skill when using mastered weapons.
  • Added Upgrade rating to salvage matrix.
  • Personal and group boosts are now play time based instead of absolute time based. Clan boosts are still absolute time based. Any previously bought absolute time based boosts will still work.
  • Protection spikes have been adjusted. They now provide ablative armor. Also, blue protection spike are now less ludicrous.
  • Vendor changes:
  • Removed Vendors from Eastshore Docks (there was no Fast Travel there).
  • Paradise Vendor is now located at Iron Demon Ranch with easy access via Fast Travel.
  • Chimera Vendor (new for DLC5) is located at Headland Transit Depot, it is in place of the Mod Vendor that was there.
  • Legendary weapons now cost 10 rep, 20 token, and 1,000 scrip.
  • The Epic Mod Hoard has had its price adjusted, to bring it in line with the other 3 vendors due to the new Paradise contracts.
  • The Warmaster has been updated to challenge even high-rating ark hunters.
  • Teamwork points can now be gained from damaging shields.
  • Destroyed turrets no longer grant Opportunist points.
  • The game now displays “Teamwork Max” or “Opportunist Max” if the points cap is reached.

Defiance is a 4-player online co-op game, available on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.