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Perhaps Killzone 2 Will get Co-Op After All
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Perhaps Killzone 2 Will get Co-Op After All

Remember when we told you that Killzone 2 could see co-op as DLC?  And then it was quickly retracted that the game would not have co-op because of technical limitations?  Shortly afterwords 50 Cent delivered a knockout blow to the game when Blood on the Sand reviewed better in Maxim Magazine.  Remember all that?  It looks like when Guerrilla Games gets knocked down, they get back up again (tub thumpin) - because in a recent piece on the official PlayStation site, Guerrilla looks to be hoping to add co-op still.

In fact, they talked about how difficult it was getting the game running on the hardware, creating a rich looking world and stretching the PlayStation 3 to technical limits.  So it at least looks like their reasoning was true.  But that doesn't mean they are going to give up on co-op.

While this meant sacrificing split screen gameplay, there may be some co-operative modes on the horizon to keep the excitement going. "We're investigating [co-op] now for downloadable content," she smiles. "We're looking at what would be the nicest possible things for downloadable content. We've already started on maps... we're not allowed to talk about anything else unfortunately!"

Hopefully this is a true co-op mode, and not just some team based multiplayer.  We'll see, all the back and forth on this makes it very suspicious to begin with.  

Source: Uk.playstation.com